Was Life so Bad Before?

What was the moment you decided to make the change? This question is asked a lot. And it is funny that Brad and I have different opinions of when the seed was first planted. 

Being both Colorado natives (mostly… Brad was born in Texas) we are proud of our hometown state. Like really proud. Enough of fanatics that people will notice our Colorado flag representation in clothes, hats, blankets and decor.  Brad and I both grew up skiing, and Brad likes to snowboard. Every summer we also like to drive around mountain towns and pick out our favorite homes to pretend to move into some day. We love Colorado and everything it stands for. We went camping together our first year of marriage but life soon got busy and we didn’t go again until 2017. And that’s when everything changed.

It’s sometimes easy to question whether or not a camping trip is worth it. Summer weekends are numbered and there is always something fun to do around Denver. It takes work to gather supplies, roll up sleeping bags and get the pups ready for a dirty, messy excursion into the wild.  But there is something so sweet about claiming your part of nature, knowing there are limited distractions and your only aim is to soak it all up, even if the next morning you feel impossibly dirty.

We decided to try our hand at dispersed camping, which means no reservations and no bathrooms or electricity. You have to bring everything you will need or you will be driving back to the closest town for a rescue. But I felt alive. Like really alive. I felt like I had taken a big bite out of a world I had forgotten about. And I wanted more.

The next 3 weeks we went camping every chance we could. We found new spots. We got better at our set up. And Brad and I got to experience a new side of each other. Looking for adventures and experiencing the magic that happens around a campfire. Depression set in when temperatures started to fall and we would have to wait another 6 months to get back out there.

There was something about getting up and getting out into the world that changed everything for Brad and I. Our marriage changed. Now when we said we wanted to do something, it felt like there was more at stake and we knew we had the power to make it happen. 

May 2018 rolled around and we were once again knee deep in stress. Overwhelmed by bills, loving the house we have been in for more than 6 years but knowing we don’t care for it in the way we should. Life became about what we should be doing to maintain any sort of normalcy. We both felt like we were suffocating. It took a classic argument to get to the truth of the matter. We wanted change. We wanted out of our ruts. We wanted big scary life changing adventure. Something that would take a lot of work and preparation. Something like camping. 

“Why don’t we move into an RV” Brad said. And immediately started looking on Craigslist. 

“That sounds perfect.”

From here there’s been a million lucky and unlucky cues pointing us into our new direction. We worked tirelessly to get our house ready to sell, find our new mobile-home and get it ready to travel the world. But it’s been more than worth it. In the same way camping is worth it. Now I realize even though effort and care for even minimal tasks can feel like a nuisance, the reward from knowing you cultivated something special for yourself and spouse is priceless. Every day in Bobb-e the RV has felt more intentional. We know we are in control of where we go and what we do. Happiness is of our own making. Maybe it seems insane to live in a 150 sq ft home on wheels but we are tasting a different kind of life, and the new experiences and REALness of life is absolutely delicious. Life has been pretty good but, so far, I’m really into what it is now. Can’t wait to share it all with you here.

Until next time.

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  1. Bob Kinahan says:

    An old phrase “Keep on truckin.”

  2. Jan Koel says:

    Loved your article.😄 Looking forward to reading more of your adventures!

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