Campsite Review: Oasis State Park, Portales, NM

Oasis was a comfortable stay on our way out of New Mexico. The park was fairly empty during our week long visit in October 2018. The wide open views and fishing pond were some of our favorite features but we found a week long visit a day or two too long.

What to Expect

Oasis State Park is nestled between Clovis and Portales, south of Cannon AFB on the east side of New Mexico. It’s about a 15-20 minute drive to either town, situated near a dairy feedlot that can be pretty smelly when the wind blows in the wrong direction. There are two main sections, the older row of tent focused camping sites without electrical hookups and the double loop with water and electric.

From everything we read, Brad and I assumed there were no working dump stations onsite, however we were able to use the shared dump with no problems. Two or three sites looked like they had their own sewer but are either reserved for camp hosts or only available on a first come first serve basis.

We paid $180 for 7 nights, which included fees for our vehicles ($70) and camping fees ($98).


Bathrooms were big and clean even with lots of use. There is a family bathroom with a shower and toilet but the shower drained slow and gathered in puddles on the bathroom floor when we were there. Showers take some getting used to as the push button only activates water for about 15 seconds. There are no temperature controls but the water stayed fairly warm after a few pumps of the button.


We loved walking our dogs around the nearby fishing pond. We did not fish since we hadn’t purchased a license, but they said it was regularly stocked. There are also some short walking trails near the small sand dunes and a nice big playground near the entrance.

Nearby Attractions

Hillcrest Park in Clovis was our favorite place to walk the dogs. Big wide open spaces with large trees to walk through. There is a fenced dog area separated for large and small breeds, as well as plenty of space to walk around and an active area in town.

Hillcrest Park in Clovis, NM

We had a great time visiting Roswell. Two hours southwest from Oasis, we weren’t sure if it would be worth the drive but thoroughly enjoyed the fun and bustle that this town had to offer. We picked up lunch at Big D’s Downtown Dive and took our grub to Cahoon Park for a picnic. We highly recommend their Angry Hippie sandwich; it was a delicious meal with vegan/vegetarian flair which is hard to find on the road.

Cahoon Park in Roswell, NM

Portales itself was a nice town. There was a big Walmart for all our RV needs, a laundromat, and plenty of options for food. Google said there was a Starbucks but we couldn’t find it, although we’re pretty sure it’s somewhere inside the college. We ate good wings at AJ’s Wings and had fun doing some shopping at the Consignment / Thrift Shop in town for some much needed winter gear.

At the end of the week, Portales hosted a peanut festival. According to wikipedia, Portales is the “largest producer of Valencia peanuts in the United States and is the nation’s top producer of certified organic peanut butter.” At the festival, there was an area for live music, vendors selling crafts, food and even a peanut character walking around. Brad and I loved seeing the crafts made by local artisans and the energy of what seemed like the whole town at the Roosevelt County Fairgrounds that day.

Peanut Festival in Portales, NM

All in all, we enjoyed our time at Oasis State Park. Definitely worth a visit if you need a quiet place to stay for a few days or even a quick overnight stop.

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    Awesome! Glad you guys enjoyed it!! My favorite place to go as a kid!

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