Campsite Reviews: Walker Honey Farms/Dancing Bee Winery (Harvest Hosts)

We were recently gifted a membership to Harvest Hosts for Christmas, so we were excited to try it out on our way to the Gulf Coast. For our first ever stay, we found the Walker Honey Farm and Dancing Bee Winery on our way between Dallas and Geogetown/Austin, TX.

What to Expect

The honey farm is a working facility with lots of activity going on, but not so much that we really even noticed from our RV. The place they had us park was nice and level, and they were extremely friendly and helpful, even giving us a coupon for our first purchase.


They said we could use the restroom during business hours, and there was a lovely terrace that made for a nice place to sit at night. They provided a gate code as well so we could come and go as we pleased if we needed to go into town for anything. The parking location was next to a nice large open field which was great for walking the dogs and stretching our legs.

So much honey!

Nearby Attractions

The farm is located about 20 minutes outside of Temple, TX, so there was plenty to check out on our way through. We didn’t spend much time in the city itself as we were excited to make it to our next location, but we enjoyed the parts we saw.

Final Thoughts

This stop was great for a quick overnight rest on our journey. The honey products they had for sale were absolutely delicious, and we appreciated having a level spot to camp and use our generator. The farm is sandwiched between the highway and an active train track, so if you’re a light sleeper, you might toss and turn because of the constant sounds. Overall, it was well worth our time and effort and was a nice stop on our way to our next destination.

View of Bobb-e from terrace

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